Expert shares Ayurvedic habits for a healthier life

Driving a fit and sound way of life isn’t just about getting extraordinary transforms you and embracing new propensities, it is additionally about focusing on your day by day, ordinary everyday practice. According to Ayurveda, one can have a better existence by following certain every day propensities.

Ayurvedic master Dr Nitika Kohli said, “It (Ayurveda) is a lifestyle, a day by day exertion in our propensities. With the direction of this old intelligence, we can settle on decisions in our eating regimen and way of life that will prompt wellbeing, life span and arriving at our fullest potential throughout everyday life!”

“Ayurveda energizes discovering the harmony between your body, brain, and soul since every one of the three of these circles are associated,” she added.

She took to Instagram to share not many significant Ayurvedic propensities that one can take on for a better life. Investigate.


Get up right on time, somewhere around one hour before dawn.

Nasal drops (Nasya)

Put two drops of sesame oil/mustard oil/ghee. It forestalls untimely turning gray of hair, sparseness and guarantees great rest.

Exercise (Vyayama)

Practicing promptly in the first part of the day can eliminate stagnation in the body and help re-energize and revive.

Dental consideration

Utilizing a new stick of neem (Azadirachta indica), khadir (Acacia catechu) and so on can clean teeth and make foul smell evaporate.

Shower (Snana)

Wash up half to one hour after work out.

Zest it up

Flavors help in absorption, ensuring the heart and battling irritation. Start with cumin, coriander, ginger and turmeric.

Have a light supper

Ayurveda suggests having a light supper before 8 pm. It empowers the metabolic components to likewise have some rest around evening time.

Rest (Nidra)

Keep the climate spotless and charming. Try not to rest in the day. Appropriate rest gives wellbeing and life span.

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