Italian church apologises over bishop’s claim about Santa Claus

A Roman Catholic bishopric in Sicily has freely apologized to shocked guardians after its minister told a gathering of youngsters that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

Minister Antonio Stagliano didn’t mean the remarks, and was attempting to underline the genuine significance of Christmas and the narrative of Saint Nicholas, a cleric who gave presents to poor people and was aggrieved by a Roman sovereign, said the Rev Alessandro Paolino, the correspondences chief for the see of Noto.

Italian news reports cited Stagliano as saying during a new strict celebration that Santa doesn’t exist and that his red ensemble was made by Coca-Cola for exposure.

“As a matter of first importance, in the interest of the priest, I express my distress for this statement, which has made frustration in the little ones, and need to indicate that Monsignor Stagliano’s expectations were very unique,” Paolino composed on the diocesan Facebook page on Friday.”We absolutely should not wreck the creative mind of kids, yet draw genuine models from it that are positive forever,” he proceeded. “So Santa Claus is a powerful picture to pass on the significance of giving, liberality, sharing. Yet, when this picture loses its significance, you see Santa Claus also known as commercialization, the craving to claim, purchase, purchase and purchase once more, then, at that point, you need to revalue it by giving it another importance.”

Be that as it may, assuming the public remarks segment of the Noto page were any sign, the Sicilian guardians weren’t having any of it.

While a few invited the diocesan’s endeavor to zero in on the Catholic importance of Christmas, others blamed Stagliano for meddling with family customs and festivities, and squashing the spirits of youngsters, whose early years were upset by the pandemic.

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