‘Justice League’ Investigator Says Walter Hamada Did Not Interfere as WarnerMedia Defends Exec From Ray Fisher Allegations

WarnerMedia has ended its quiet over Beam Fisher’s new tweets about the examination concerning affirmed wrongdoing on the arrangement of “Equity Association.”

In the latest tweet, posted Saturday morning, Fisher guaranteed that DC Movies President Walter Hamada attempted to “delegitimize” the examination, and that Warner Brothers. misled the press about it.

“Do ya’ll recall that time Walter Hamada and @wbpictures attempted to annihilate a Person of color’s believability, and openly delegitimize an intense examination, with lies in the press?” Fisher composed, adding: “Yet hello, Dark Superman,” regarding the news that Ta-Nehisi Coates is composing another Superman film for Warner Brothers. furthermore, DC.In reaction, WarnerMedia delivered an explanation guarding Hamada and maintaining that the examination was done in a reasonable manner.

“Indeed there are bogus articulations being made about our heads and our organization encompassing the new ‘Equity Association’ examination,” a representative for WarnerMedia told Assortment. “As we have expressed previously, a broad and careful outsider examination was led. Our chiefs, including Walter Hamada, completely collaborated, no proof was found of any impedance at all, and Warner Brothers. didn’t lie in the press. It’s an ideal opportunity to quit saying something else and push ahead beneficially.”

Katherine B. Forrest, a previous government judge and current examiner into the supposed wrongdoing on the “Equity Class” set, likewise delivered a proclamation avowing Hamada’s honesty.

“I’m frustrated by proceeded with public explanations made proposing that Walter Hamada in any capacity meddled with the ‘Equity Alliance’ examination. He didn’t,” Forrest said. “I talked with him widely time and again and explicitly talked with him concerning his exceptionally restricted cooperation with Mr. Fisher. I discovered Mr. Hamada tenable and impending. I reasoned that he didn’t do anything that obstructed or meddled with the examination. In actuality, the data that he gave was helpful and progressed the examination.”

Fisher at that point reacted to WarnerMedia’s assertions, saying that he has expressed that Hamada “endeavored to meddle” in the examination, not that he did; and calling Forrest’s assertion “intentionally deceptive and frantic.”

“As I’ve said from the beginning: Walter Hamada Endeavored to meddle with the JL examination. He was ineffective in doing so in light of the fact that I didn’t permit him to,” Fisher composed on Twitter. “Having the examiner say something asserting there was no obstruction is deliberately deceptive and desperate.”However, there have been a couple of examples where Fisher has not utilized that accurate phrasing. For instance, in a Jan. 7 tweet in regards to his expulsion from “The Blaze,” Fisher expressed: “If @wbpictures has settled on the choice to eliminate me from The Glimmer, instead of address, in any capacity, Walter Hamada messing with the JL examination – that is on them.”In a more drawn out assertion posted on Jan. 13, Fisher stated: “Remember, Walter Hamada meddling with the Equity Association examination is a totally isolated issue than the examination itself.”Representatives for Fisher didn’t promptly react to Assortment’s solicitation for input.

Fisher’s different tweets were in light of Nadria Exhaust, a previous “Superman and Lois” essayist and “Equity Association” examination member who has definite her encounters with prejudice while a piece of the show, especially against leader maker Geoff Johns.

“I sympathize with all of your agony @NadriaTucker,” Fisher tweeted on Feb. 24. “In addition to other things, I needed to invest an unreasonable measure of energy disclosing to Geoff why he was NOT the expert on how the presence of Cyborg’s private parts would be seen by the African American population. He firmly oppose this idea.”

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