PR Sreejesh, India’s last-second saviour

At the point when PR Sreejesh was in grade school, at a town 30 kilometers east of Kochi, his actual instruction educator was persuaded that he had uncovered the following brandishing sensation. Sreejesh was acceptable at everything — he could heave the plate and spear a reasonable distance, he could jump, crush and spike, he was in both volleyball and ball groups, could play out the long leap just as high leap. Some of the time, he could run as well, however he, when all is said and done, disdained running.

He delighted in each game, expect hockey that is.So adaptable was Sreejesh that he was alluded to GV Raja Sports School, the public authority run essential games school in state capital Thiruvananthapuram, where he could sharpen whatever wearing ability he wanted.It was hard to persuade his distrustful guardians, who were ranchers, before his educators hung the brilliant carrot of those occasions. “Sports amount, government work.” Sreejesh also was gung-ho, aside from when the snapshot of flight showed up, an unutterable greatness overloaded his psyche. “I had never avoided them, and the day I was to board the train, I separated. I would not like to leave. I’m generally a sure kid, however that day, I felt uncomfortable,” he had once recalled to this reporter.Thiruvananthapuram, simply 200km away, seemed like ages away. A new culture, food propensities and environmental factors, a distant universe from his family, companions and homesteads. However, as the train moved ahead the flawless backwaters and streams on that panoramic detour, Sreejesh modified his spirit. Toward the finish of the three-hour-venture, as he set foot in Thiruvananthapuram, he unexpectedly felt grown-up and certain, and prepared to confront the world. “I felt an unexpected influx of certainty, as though my life planned to change, that this was the start of my genuine excursion,” he said.

A fresh start

Life was to change past Sreejesh’s most stunning creative mind. At the school, he passed by a gathering of teens playing hockey. He had little sign that this was to be his predetermination. The following day, he strolled into the tosses field. He was left stunned by the genuineness of individual students. “I felt like a worm.” He halted by the b-ball and volleyball courts. “I appeared to be a diminutive person.” He thought on football. “No, it included a great deal of running”. Cricket? “No, I didn’t get the kicks.” Finally, he a few hockey folks who were his age and of comparative physical make-up. He used to spend time with them and would here and there use the stick, however absent a lot of success.That’s the point at which one of the hockey mentors, Jayakumar, spotted him. “He was a protector or a middle half, who was a sluggish sprinter. Yet, had great reflexes that consistently saved him. Then, at that point I thought why not make him a goalkeeper. Children don’t care for being ‘attendants, yet it’s a significant job,” he clarifies.

A long time later, those brief moment reflexes would make him perhaps the best goalkeeper. His recoveries all through the games were instrumental in arranging India’s bronze decoration in Tokyo, finishing a 41-year-dry season. The recoveries against Germany were marvelous, particularly the one he pulled off in the withering phases of the match, locked at 5-4. The punishment corner looked objective bound before his reflexes interceded. It was not reflexes alone that went behind the save, however his free energy, his unbudging will.After the game, India mentor Graham Reid said, “Having somebody in objective as solid as Sreejesh makes a difference. He’s a sturdy of Indian hockey. He’s done a ton of work behind the scenes to get to where he is today.”

To be the robust, it required hours on field.

“He set aside effort to become acclimated to the stuff, yet all the other things he caught on quickly. He had that game sense and expectation, and for his age, he had the presence,” Jayakumar says. Then, at that point as Sreejesh hit high school, he began becoming taller and strong and was really confused with a shot-putter or lance hurler. “A many individuals thought he was one of them,” he says.

However Jayakumar was sure of his ward’s latent capacity, he realized it would be squandered in Kerala, a hockey backwater, which thinks of it as a game “where India was once radiant yet presently staggering”, where the game is scarcely observed in any event, during the Olympics.

No takers for hockey

That the state fabricated its first astro turf in quite a while the namelessness of the game in this locale. Only seven have addressed the country from the state, and with the exception of Sreejesh all in the pre-astro turf time. He had quite recently a worn out goalkeeping stuff, and more regrettable, it was not even accessible in his town. Adventitiously, however, the state’s two most rumored hockey players were goalkeepers — Helen Mary (2002 Commonwealth Games gold medallist) and Manuel Frederick (1972 Munich Games bronze medallist).

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