Rathnan Prapancha movie review: Dhananjay, Umashree shine in this relationship drama

A well-known adage in Kannada goes, ‘Nadi moola hagu rishi moola huduka baaradu’. It implies one should never go looking for the beginning of a stream or a holy person. However, it is a base desire of human psyche to discover where we come from and where we are going, despite the fact that we know very well that the pursuit removes all that we have in the present. But, the interminably inquisitive psyche will not tune in. It pushes us to seek after a nonexistent existence of what may have-been instead of modestly liking what we as of now have.

Take the instance of Oedipus. He would have been exceptional off if he had figured out how to be happy with being uninformed about reality. He doesn’t pay regard to the exhortation of his well-wishers and his hounded diligence in look for reality prompts his ruin. Indeed, reality will liberate us, yet as a rule there is consistently a bullet included. Truth is in every case hard to process and reasonable it is simply going to acquire more distresses and tumults rather than setting one’s brain at ease.We pay the consequences before we figure out how to remember our good fortune. Rathnakara (Dhananjay) in Rathnan Prapancha, which implies Rathna’s reality, learns this example the most difficult way possible. Mayuri (Reba Monica John) meets Rathnakara as a feature of her task, which is to assist with peopling who were isolated from their blood relations at a youthful age. She assists them with discovering reality with regards to their starting point. Mayuri tells Rathnakara his genuine mother surrendered him for reception when he was youthful and he has a more youthful sister.

A consistently crotchety Rathnakara, who is consistently at chances with his mom Saroja (a great Umashree), chooses to follow the hints that would take him to his starting point. Also, in the craving to extend his reality, he puts his most valuable gift, his temporary mother, in question.

Chief Rohit Padaki, who has additionally composed the film, likewise needs to utilize this film to advise us that India is a place where there is many tongues, religions, customs, and societies. Rathnakara’s life is very While his sister experienced childhood in a Muslim family as Tabassum and is currently gotten comfortable Kashmir, his sibling Udaal Babu Rao lives like an imperial in north Karnataka being taken care of by his hovering temporary mother. With the exception of the reality they all came from a similar mother, they don’t share anything practically speaking. Yet, that doesn’t remove the reality they are kin. Neither Tabassum nor Babu Rao needed to forfeit their character, convictions, practices and connections to turn into Rathnakara’s kin and be important for Rathnan Prapancha.

Rathnan Prapancha is a strong vibe great film that holds a mirror to the errors we submit as people and as portions of the general public. What’s more, it additionally shows us what we could become if we relinquished our biases and unreasonable dread of the Other and bond together as individual people.

While each entertainer in the film has dived into their given characters, it is Umashree as Saroja, who leaves with our esteem. She is only normal as a unique mother, who ignores the flaws of her child and stands by him through his disturbances and disarrays. Also, Pramod Panju merits an uncommon notice for his presentation as a caring child and town toughie.different from his kin. Indeed, he likewise discovers that he has another kin. In his previous existence, he had a senior sister and a more youthful sibling. His decision of strict conviction, design, food propensities and different preferences are totally different from his kin.

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