RGI extends deadline for jursidictional changes for Census till June 30

Indeed, even AS Census count remains deferred endlessly because of the pandemic, the Center has broadened the cutoff time for jurisdictional changes for all states up to June 30, 2022. Prior, the cutoff time was December 31, 2021.

As per sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs, which supervises the working of Registrar General of India, this was done on the solicitation of the states as they have not had the option to refresh the jurisdictional changes for different reasons.

Before each Census, states are needed to give data on changes in the quantity of advised areas, towns, towns and other authoritative units, for example, tehsils, talukas and police headquarters in a state since the last Census 10 years prior to the RGI. The limits of authoritative units are frozen three months before beginning of Census. In this period, the information is arranged and imparted to RGI which starts its preliminary work for the Census.For the 2021 Census, the RGI had first given a jurisdictional change updation notice on December 22, 2017. It had then requested that the states update the progressions by January 31, 2020 with December 31, 2019 being fixed as the cutoff time for freezing of limits with the end goal of the Census. The Houselisting period of the Census had then been booked to begin from April 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020. It was during this period that the RGI was additionally expected to direct the specification for National Population Register (NPR), which is antecedent to the planning of National Register of Citizens (NRC).

While both the NPR and NRC have made a lot of debate following the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), with many states straightforwardly contradicting them, the cutoff time for Census identification was endlessly delayed in mid 2020 because of the episode of Covid-19. Remarkably, the cutoff time for updation of jurisdictional changes has additionally been expanded various times.On July 28, 2020, RGI wrote to states, “… later the episode of COVID-19 pandemic, the field work of stage I of Census 2021 and the other related field exercises were delayed until additional orders. Resulting to the deferment of Census exercises, demands were gotten from a few State/Union Territory Governments looking for explanations/authorization for creation/expansion/up-degree of various managerial units.”

“Subsequently, it was chosen to expand the date of freezing of limits up to 31st December, 2020 for the following Census 2021 and the limits of the authoritative units will be frozen on 31st December, 2020. Assuming any progressions in the regulatory limits might be affected most recent by 31-12-2020 and no progressions will be affected later 31-12-2020 to work the Census is finished.”

Afterward, nonetheless, this cutoff time was additionally stretched out with even another date for freezing of limits being fixed at March 31, 2021. Presently the cutoff time for freezing of limits has been stretched out till June 30.

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