Rotterdam Award-Winner Morgane Dziurla-Petit Proves, Once Again, That ‘Excess Will Save Us’

In “Overabundance Will Save Us” – named for this present week joint victor of Rotterdam Film Festival’s Special Jury Award – Morgane Dziurla-Petit gets back to Villereau, a town in the north of France where nothing at any point occurs. Or on the other hand, as indicated by a portion of local people, everything does – from freak mishaps to psychological oppressor alarms and the inquisitive instance of vanishing pigeons.

“Chuckling carried me to making this film. It’s the manner in which we speak with one another in my family and in the town. Anything that we do, there is dependably this humor,” the Sweden-based chief tells Variety after the internet based honors service.

“I began with every one of the narratives that captivated me and indeed, made me snicker, however I wasn’t attempting to make a ‘interesting’ film. I loved the possibility of a parody that makes you miserable or a show that makes you laugh.”Expanding her 2019 shy of a similar name, and by and by requesting that her family take part, she chose to reference it in the half and half film, with the heroes praising its debut at Clermont-Ferrand.

“This short truly united us. For my dad, it was likewise out. Notwithstanding his age, he would feel like a young person here and there, just caught here. On account of the film, he comprehended there was potential for him as well, as it were. It satisfied him,” she says. However, as her own conditions changed throughout the long term, she made a modify self image to address her old self, played by Kim Truong.

“I simply didn’t feel like that kid who attempts to escape any longer. I was a chief, deciding to be there. That was a colossal contrast,” she adds.

“After my folks split, I would in any case visit the town. I didn’t have the foggiest idea what to do there, I simply needed out. Presently, I began to see it in another way and I have fostered a tremendous love for it. I truly trust that assuming you are feeling stuck some place, you need to leave to see the value in everything over again.”Following her short’s worldwide achievement, Dziurla-Petit initially planned to follow it with a series. In any case, while she is presently zeroing in on different activities – including “Dusk of the Gods,” declared at Haugesund’s Nordic Co-Production Market, and “Pitchoune,” delivered by Ninon Chapuis, Lucas Le Postec and Thibault De Gantes for L’Heure d’été, truly CNC’s advancement support – she may in any case consider one more outing to Villereau not too far off.

“Recently I called my granddad and he went: ‘Return, I am prepared for our next film!,’ ” she giggles, conceding that working with your own family can be trying on occasion.

“I would give them bearings and they would decipher them in the most peculiar ways – particularly my father. Fortunately, I love shocks. My family, they are exceptionally clearly individuals. I was consistently the peaceful one, so it was difficult to make them regard me in some cases. They generally needed to be chiefs; they had their own thoughts and needed to get them going.”

Dziurla-Petit has forever been keen on investigating the line among the real world and fiction, she says. In her short “Get Them,” made utilizing deepfake innovation, a lady’s quest for bliss is thwarted by the way that she looks a ton like a specific previous American president. Yet again now, in “Abundance Will Save Us,” Donald Trump – and his speculations about dye – are getting a notice.

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