Sachin Tendulkar breaks hearts, loses fans in joining #FarmersProtest social media war

“Rahul Dravid was correct when he proclaimed that day,” a fan answered to batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar. “I cherished you more than Dhoni, yet today you have lost a fan and thousands from Punjab and Haryana,” was another. A downpour of comparative tweets — blaming Tendulkar for having taken a supportive of government position on the ranch charges issue — were made in answer to the Expert Blaster’s tweet recently.

The fire was remarkable for Tendulkar, a cricketing symbol who has consistently decided to avoid any political controversy.On the opposite finish of the range were any semblance of Rohit Sharma, whose tweet on a similar issue left from the content in leaving out the hashtag ‘India against Purposeful publicity’ and not suggesting ‘interior issues’ and ‘outer powers’; and Sandeep Sharma whose take on the expression “inner issues” was offensive enough for it to be subsequently erased.

Rarely has India’s cricket organization been at such chances in the public eye. This web-based media war was being battled against characters with multi-million supporters — music symbol Rihanna, youngster environment campaigner Greta Thunberg, media character and previous porno star Mia Khalifa and the like.One of the first answers that came in quite a while a picture of Tendulkar and Gary Kirsten, the South African mentor, being hefted around in a triumph lap after the 2011 World Cup win, the words ‘outer powers’ being featured alongside the image.”What a grievousness, particularly when the God needed to tweet under political tension. So ranchers sitting in severe cold for a very long time are not Indians?” was another answer.

The catastrophe was obvious. Particularly on the grounds that Tendulkar, as the majority of the cricket society, had not spoken about the ranchers’ fights before this week, even as the loss of life from the disturbance has been consistently ascending in the two or three months.That Tendulkar’s tweet came hours after the Service of Outside Issues’ emphatic assertion answering to “global characters” like Rihanna — was likewise a purpose behind the feeling of treachery that a few fans felt.

Cricketers from Punjab, as Mandeep Singh, who had himself visited the Singhu fight site, had been talking about the matter for as long as couple of months, yet it required a tweet from Rihanna for Tendulkar to react to the circumstance.

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