What Ayurveda says about the health benefits of ‘gulkand’

India is notable for its diverse cooking styles, spreading over topographical districts. Be that as it may, a few practices, for example, an after-supper paan with gulkand (betel leaves with flower petal jam) or a steaming cup of fragrant tea rises above limits and are appreciated by individuals across different backgrounds.

While scrumptious in taste, gulkand is a thick jam or jelly produced using flower petals and sugar. The formula’s beginnings are questioned, nonetheless, it’s an unbelievably famous fixing in India and contains different Ayurvedic wellbeing benefits.”Gulkand, an Ayurvedic tonic, is without a doubt the most heavenly Ayurvedic readiness in the world. It is additionally normally wealthy in calcium and has cancer prevention agent action. It very well may be utilized all year by people, all things considered, particularly pitta,” the master said.

Dr Bhavsar referenced a couple of Ayurvedic advantages of gulkand.

*Gulkand is helpful for causticity, gastritis, skin health management, heartburn, ulcer and nosebleed, stress and so forth.

*It assists with decreasing the overabundance heat in the body.

*Gulkand is really great for individuals who experience the ill effects of tingles, bubbles, rankles, kinks and skin break out. “It is a characteristic enemy of – maturing treatment”, the master said.

*Gulkand is wealthy in cancer prevention agents and is an energy promoter.
*Taking gulkand routinely assists with diminishing extreme ulcers, obstruction and heart consuming.

*Utilization of gulkand in summer helps in forestalling sun strokes, nostril draining and discombobulation.

*Gulkand is great for unreasonable draining during period. It additionally helps in giving glucose to our body and keeps us vivacious.

*It additionally forestalls paleness, decreases causticity and is a generally excellent blood purifier.

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